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Reload From... Mulitple files at a time, bulk update!

Reload From... Mulitple files at a time, bulk update!

My wish for today is to be able to use the 'Reload from' button to re-path multiple files that have been moved or saved to a new location as a group rather than one-by-one.


This would be perfect for files received from consultants who are 'sharing' models...


If I have a small project with only a few links this is a pain but not too painful, when working on mega projects with more than just a handful of links in a master model this is a real pain, repathing on at a time!Smiley Sad


Anyone else dreaming of this?


It would be beneficial if you could at least bulk reload all valid links as a starter.

When working with multiples coordination models in big MEP projects that use another softwares, it's good to have nwc linked. It's very annoying to reload them one by one. Would be great to add a button to reload them all at once. This can be applied to other types of links.




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I just had two projects with 16 PDF pages each that I needed to relink using "Reload From..." because of a folder structure change.  Some tool to bulk reload all of the linked PDF pages would have been great.


(I think there's some nuance required in developing a clear UI implementation, so I don't want to suggest a workflow solution.  Some UI designer at Autodesk can figure this out.)

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