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Reference Lines for drafting views & legends

Reference Lines for drafting views & legends

It would be great if we could have detail lines that do not plot.


Some ideas for this:

- Be able to import reference planes that are in drafting views when importing views from another project. Right now, you can import pretty much everything in a detail except for reference planes

- Be able to use reference *lines* in drafting views (and be able to import similar to above) OR

- Create non-plotting detail lines, similar to AutoCAD "Defpoints" type layers


I am creating standard drafting view details that I'd like to be able to bring into other projects. Our details include reference planes arranged in a rectangle so that it's easier to quickly align the details to the sheet grid. Unfortunately when you import drafting views, the reference planes are lost and need to be re-drawn. There are many instances where these types of lines are useful - ref planes & lines are great for this but not fully functional in the drafting view environment.

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Actually it looks like you can import drafting views with reference planes... I didn't know that.


But it would still be great to have non-plotting detail lines

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