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Rebar Shape Flexibility

Rebar Shape Flexibility

Shapes of the rebars should be more adjustable. For example E-shape cannot be adjusted to be less than 90 degrees at bends. 







As you know, rebar shapes are currently defined with intervals for that angle: 0<Angle<90; Angle = 90; 90<Angle<180 deg. Whether or not the angle flexes when you drag the grips, depends on it having either an angle constraint or some orthogonal dimension constraints, in the shape family. 


If the variation would be 0 < Angle < 180, then any shape with 3 segments would report as the same shape. Would this be what you would find useful? Or, maybe the ability to choose from the list of shapes that match? 





Hi! Thanks for quick response!


I understand that this is problematic topic because at least in Finland we have only two three segmented shapes where start and end segments are pointing into the same direction: D with 90 degree bends and then E with variable bends.


These two bars are the same shape but still goes to a different row in our bar bending schedule because the angle differs. 


It's worth of thinking if each user could decide the bend interval by their needs or at least be able to override the shape according to the standards of own country. 

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