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Rebar placed in linked models... Revision & cover control

Rebar placed in linked models... Revision & cover control

We have been toying with the idea that it may be advantageous if rebar can be placed in linked geometry.

It started in older releases where the rebar made our models rather heavy and slow to work with (this is not that much of an issue anymore); and some barrier to automatic changes to rebar to try and manage revisions.


In order to control revisions we would like some form of ability to lock the rebar to a geometry. If the concrete hosting the rebar changes and the rebar needs to update there should be a warning. There should also be an option to assign a revision sequence number to the affected bar.


Would it not make sense to provide an option for the cover to be read from the host (default), or from a user defined parameter in the bar instance?

This will allow greater control when multiple bar layers are required and could also assist in using geometry from a link.


Revision control and unintended updates to rebar is still something we have not properly cracked.

There is too much room for error.

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I would agree with you here. Putting rebar into the working model can be difficult. 


  • Making sure all your settings are included for RC detailing in your master template.
  • Change control - You might have a user who doesn't understand RC detailing. So changes may happen but not be checked.
  • Model file size.
  • Model handover - Will the end client want a model with rebar in. (Personally as a client I would)



This is a great idea. 


Our company uses linked models so many people can tackle a building at once.  We can't hang around and wait for our drafters to complete Level 40 while we are digging foundations, so linked models are necessary to starting detailing our formwork and layout points in a timely manner.  We want to detail rebar using linked models too but there seems to be no solution for that at this point.  We're stuck to exporting elevations and sections to 2D cad (time consuming) for the time being.


I know the original post is quite old now, so I'm hoping there is a solution to this is coming soon.  We're currently using Revit 2019 if anybody is wondering.

The lack of proper revision control and the inability to lock rebar to prevent changes are becoming SERIOUS issues for us.

To date nobody at Autodesk can give us a solid answer, solution or acknowledgement that this is currently a serious gap...
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It looks like we've managed to develop a solution to these problems by writing a Dynamo script. We have had users testing this and they are happy so far. I'll be happy to share more information via PM with you to see if that could help you too @Schalk79@scottjames121@Anonymous

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