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Rebar: New category required "Rebar Other"

Rebar: New category required "Rebar Other"

Example 1:

Sometime there might be other elements required in a rebar model like this screen shot showing a plate and some tubes. One could create these items as a generic model and/or create a rebar other family(works same as a generic model).

Rebar Other.JPG

Exampe 2:

Another example might be with shape like a cube indicating an exclusion zone within the concrete element.

Rebar Other2.JPG


Example 3:

Piping imbedded in the concrete element


These components would also float above a concrete element the way rebar does.





example 4

A Lifting Lug welded to side of the a piece of rebar


ability to see generic models floating like rebar for items that are not rebar or couplers.

Below there are two views. first is floating rebar where GMs aren't visible. The second I have applied a transparency filter on the column so that GMs are visible. 

Rebar viz 1.JPGRebar viz 2.JPG

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@kimberly.fuhrman forgot a made this first idea. Please combine with Rebar: New category required "Rebar Other" - Autodesk Community as both of this asking for the same solution.


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