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Rebar End Coupler - Visibility in elevation

Rebar End Coupler - Visibility in elevation


In terms of viewing in the face-on elevation I would expect to see the round/hexagonal part.

Arrangement of couplers in is not something we have previously done. However I have not previously modelled then in. In this case we were detailing for the stair reinforcement and had to set out the eazistrip anchor system so it was required. I would assume any future projects in which we have to detail similar elements then the detailing would be done in a similar manner.


You can see it in all the other views, why not this?

We can't just show it in 3D as it needs to be detailed with dimensions.




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Hi @keiron.russell 


Since Revit 2023, the coupler can be set to not align automatically to the view.

With some extra visibility settings, the couplers are visible in section views as expected

Here's how it works:

  • Edit the coupler family
  • Toggle off Align to View


  • Select the 3D geometry and check all the angles for visibility


  • Inside the family, go to floor plan > Base and delete all the symbolic geometry (all the symbolic lines)



  • Load the coupler into the family and overwrite


Let me know if it works for you, or you have any questions.






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