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Real-time collaboration

Real-time collaboration

I wish for google docs style real-time collaboration.


The way I have understood the synchronization, it's not really that far away. Element ownership is already dealt with in real-time, but only the "borrow" part for some reason, while the the "relinquish" part is only done when synchronizing. All changes from the cloud model are already downloaded continuously, but uploads only occur on command, and all the downloaded changes are first applied to the local model upon synchronizing. My suggestion is to instead push each transaction to the cloud model the moment it is committed, and relinquish all borrowed elements when 1) the moment a transaction is finished and 2) whenever an element is deselected. Each downloaded transaction should also be applied the very second it is available. 


The ideal would be that both the two "synchronize" buttons and the "relinquish all mine" button would become obsolete, the entire process happening in the background without requiring anything at all from the user. 


This is a great idea. To add to it, also add a "Pause Auto-Sync" option for when you want to keep ownership of elements or wait to complete a portion of the project before syncing.


Modumate has this kind of functionality, and it works pretty well.  However it is likely Revit needs to retain the Sync/Relinquish/Save/Sync/ReloadLatest/repeat/repeat b.s. for people with slow internet/network connections as the real time collaboration needs a lag-free and fast connection.

This would be really cool functionality, ideally it would mean that you would never open a project in read only mode again, which means no more work wasted.


@ola6n4qrvdsr: Good point. Would be nice to be able to choose, manual synch or real-time collaboration.


One idea for improving Revit's work sharing capabilities could be the implementation of a real-time collaboration feature. This feature would allow multiple users to work on the same project at the same time, with changes being synced in real-time. This would eliminate the need for manually merging changes and reduce the risk of conflicts or lost data. Additionally, the feature could include tools for managing access and permissions, allowing project managers to control who can make changes to certain parts of the model. This feature would be especially useful for large, multi-disciplinary teams working on a project simultaneously, as it would improve efficiency and collaboration.

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There are so many companies burning absurd amounts of time and effort, trying coordinating their disciplines.


This would finally allow everyone to coordinate while drawing, preventing clashes entirely and cutting down weeks of additional work. 

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