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Read-only parameters from nested shared families

Read-only parameters from nested shared families

When you nest a family that is shared you can't drive the nested family meaning, you can't map the parameters of the nested family to the parameters of the family you are creating (other than changing the type).  That's fine and I understand why that is the way it has to work.


However, sometimes you simply need information from inside of the nested family to use in your master family because, if the type is changed, any number of parameters could also change, and the controlling family would need to adapt.


What is needed it to include the ability to map parameters, but with the caveat that the mapped parameter will be READ-ONLY can cannot be used to drive the nested family (but CAN be use in formulas within the master family).  That way we could extract information that is needed in order to manipulate the nested family properly in the event that the type changes.



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