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Random number seed as reporting parameter for families

Random number seed as reporting parameter for families

I want to automatically rotate and scale my trees in Revit, in the spirit of this article:


Currently, I have no tools to inject automatic randomness into a family.  If every family instance had a reporting parameter containing a random number between 0 and 1 (to 8 decimal places?, e.g. "0.15237256"), that would be enough to do quite a lot of things.


This is an example of what I'd like to do, but this family was created using an add-in to provide a random number seed.  I want randomness functionality without add-ins.


Could be done pretty easily with Dynamo.


To clarify, the point is to create a family that I can ship as part of my standard libraries throughout the office.  I don't want to force any of my users to open Dynamo (and I don't want to open Dynamo either).

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