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Ramp Improvements

Ramp Improvements

Ramps waste a fair amount of time as plans get adjusted.

1.  Ramps should have an alignment feature(left and right, in addition to center).  Center alignment means that as soon as you change the width, alignments with other geometry gets messed up.  For example, say the wall next to the ramp needs to maintain its position. A ramp is aligned and locked to the wall.  You change the ramp width.  Revit indicates the constraints need to be removed.  Yes, you can add global parameters and use dimensions to maintain alignment, but why have to?

2.  Ramps should have a specified slope option so that as the levels change, the ramps can expand or contract lengthwise while maintaining the specified slope. Would be nice to automate addition of landings if necessary.

3.  Ramps should have railings that have a default offset so they don't have to be adjusted every time.

4.  The railings should work well together so that if a wall mounted railing is selected, it doesn't move into the wall.  It should move away from the wall.  Needing to change the railing exterior side is a waste of time since the inside/outside flip grip is almost impossible to select once the railing disappears into the wall. Requiring the user to change the grip before selecting the new railing type is cumbersome. Ideally, Revit should notice that the ramp is placed next to a wall and automatically choose the wall railing type option on creation. Some level of AI would be welcome.

5.  Ramps should have a flexible width option so that if aligned to two walls, moving one wall won't move the wall on the other side if the ramp is aligned to both side walls. A minimum width property might help.

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