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Ramp - Cut in plan

Ramp - Cut in plan

I don't undertand why the problem of cutting ramps in plan haven't been fixed yet! We are tryinf our best to use Revit and we`re hopping Autodesk is doing their best! The Ramp problem is a HUGE problem and is a old problem! Please Autodesk!! What are you waitting for? Deffendig Revit is a hard task with problems like that! I'm dealing with these problem since the 8.1 version! Come on!! We need ramps to be cutted in plans lust like stairs!



They are aware of the issue, it's completely dumbfounding they haven't fixed this massively simple issue.

Why would everything cut accordingly but not ramps? They're practically saying we shouldn't use this flawed tool.


Using Revit 2021. Also checked in 2022. Still broken 5 years later. Easy fix is to change the name of the software from Revit (which I understand is an acronym for Revise It) to Wart (Work around it). That would also cover a myriad of other broken or low functioning tools.


Dear Autodesk – any advances on this stone age problem? 


Dear Anyone in fact?


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