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"Structural Deck" layer for Roofs and Walls

"Structural Deck" layer for Roofs and Walls

Floors aren't the only element that have a real-world case for layers based on a profile...


Roof deck!  Metal roof, soffit, and siding panels! Tile roofing!  Wood Siding!  Etc.



Need the ability with this to control direction of application, as sometimes multiple such layers could exist, with profiles applied perpendicular to each other.


I’d apply this to Walls, Roofs, Roof Soffits and Ceilings, at a minimum.


Been asking for the capability to add profiles (Structural Decks, etc.) to roofs, just as you can to Floors, for over 2 years.


Autodesk really needs to add features to make roofs structural. When we have our discipline set to structure, if roofs are used then they won't show up.


In structural engineering the roof deck is considered part of the structural system. It's not just the "beams" with foundations.


So instead of having the modeling capabilities that roofs have, we are stuck with using floors for our roof decks. Which means you can't put gables, sweeps such as ledger angles, each slope has to be modeled instead of one roof component, and lastly, it's categorized wrong for when clients link our models in. They always seem to wonder why we have floors for roofs, but it's out of necessity.


1 1/2" Steel roof deck is the most common for this application.


Could we add the option to add Structural Deck Profiles to a roof structure.  the option is there for floor structures, it should be available for roof structures also.  This will prevent modeling roofs as a floor just to get that profile to show up.


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can you span direction of a finishing face in the structural roof ? Or other way to do it ? 

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So for floors you can make the structural and are able to change parts of it to be controlled by a profile. I think you should be able to do the same thing for roofs, so for example if you have metal decking you can adjust the roof so when you cut a section it shows the metal decking profile.

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Agree 200% - this is a no brainer request


@kimberly.fuhrman  - Looks like there are a few similar Idea posts (commented above by @Anonymous ), can those be combined into this post so we can collect the votes?


I believe there is another here as well: Structural Roofs - Autodesk Community




We can do that! Thank you, @casquatch !



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