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"Pre-filter" selection

"Pre-filter" selection

The Filter tool is one of my favorite thing in Revit.

But, many times when I try to select something, I have to put a big box around everything and then wait a minute or two for everything in the model to get highlighted. Only then can I pick the Filter tool.

I'd like to see a tool where you could FIRST select the categories you want to pick, and THEN create the box.

That could often make selecting considerably faster.


You mean Select a single item from the categories you want, Temporary Isolate category in view, then box select isn't an easy workflow?? (jk)


Great idea.


The current situation is that I can select by crossing all elements in a view and then use the funnel to modify the selected categories. Now there are a lot of ideas to broaden this filter to not _only_ use categories. What I would like to add is a way to set the filter beforehand. I.e. say I just want to select all doors and windows in the current view. I click the funnel, put a check at Doors and Windows and then I drag a selection crossing over the view, selecting only Doors and Windows. Gives less clutter and probably works a lot faster.


I posted the same Idea about (wow) a year and a half ago:



Good ideas, this will save time well. 


If you cannot wait for AD to implement this, pyRevit already has that: It is called Pick.

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