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"Hey Google" for Revit

"Hey Google" for Revit

Hi all,


A lot of users get frustrated with the plethora of option dialogues, menus and toolbars in Revit. It's a steep learning curve and getting things done sometimes takes more manual clicks that you want. Sometimes even 'simple' tasks you wish to perform take you on a journey of exploration of different buttons and context menus.


What if instead of manually selecting all the walls, or checking which types fit some parameter in a schedule, or picking and querying wall types visually, you could just for example speak directly to the interface and say "Select all the walls that have insulation and are less than 20cm thick".


Or for example if you could find a view quickly from a list of a 100 possible views by saying "show 2nd level floorplan in scale 1:200" instead of looking around for it in the project browser.

I've been thinking about this idea and wondering if it would be cool to develop something like this.


The pros are of course simplification of many querying and multi-click operations.

The downsides are that practically, in an office environment, this could turn out quite noisy, and that getting accurate results for very complex speech operations could be tricky since it's completely semantic and context-dependent.


Any thoughts?


As you said yourself, this is a good way to make sure everyone in the office despises you. If you are really trying to streamline your workflows, look into Dynamo.


Dynamo is not the answer to everything.  This is a great idea, but to avoid a the noise it would create in an office with more than one person it would also exist in an old fashion command line... a plain language command line.  When it's late in the office, and your alone, tell Revit what to do.  When you're just working on a drawing, type it in.

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