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"Design Options" tool for Structural Engineers

"Design Options" tool for Structural Engineers

As I understand, the existing "Design Options" tool is intended for Architects working on LOD300 or lower design options consisting of architectural elements only. 



However, even in structural engineering there are sometimes more than one solution. In the below example an existing strongback requires bearing on a new PFC steel beam. Option 1 would be to use an SHS stub with a slotted cleat. Option 2 would be to use multiple 90x45 timber plates, stacked & bolted to support the existing roof beam. 





Determining which option is appropriate requires access to the roof space which has not been achieved yet, so both options need to be documented and shown as possible solutions, only able to select the most ideal one once it is known what the true distances are. (Larger distance between strongback & PFC = SHS Stub, shorter distance = timber plates).




To draw both of these connections "correctly" using Revit as intended (without using 2D masking objects & lines as the timber plates are above) it becomes messy having multiple overlapping elements in the same scene.


[A second model or duplicate components defeats the purpose of BIM, using beam marks, schedules, etc.]


Hence, why a "Design Options" equivalent tool for structural elements would be ideal in this scenario. 


I'm not sure why structural components are specifically locked-out of this functionality (I assume it has something to do with the associations between structural members when connected) but it would be incredibly beneficial to have an equivalent.



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It would be useful to insert steel details and steel plates in design options (now it is not allowable).

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