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Quick Properties

Quick Properties

Create a Quick Properties feature similar to Navisworks that allows you to add a combination of properties available from the various revit elements. It would be nice to hover over a pipe in a model or linked model and see system type, material, diameter, workset, slope, or pretty much any chosen data associated with that element. This is a fantastic feature in Navis and saves countless clicks and is very intuitive.


I don't know why Autodesk has not done this yet during all these years.  If it can be done in AutoCAD, certainly it can be easily done in Revit and other platforms that users have been asking.


It looks like we have something but I don't know how to modify itRevit Tool Tip.png


There is no way in Revit to Modify the pop-up properties.  I totally agree that this is something that would be endlessly useful to be able to customize on a user basis.  The info we get right now is somewhat redundant and useless. 


Current behaviour = Workset:Category:Family:FamilyType.


Getting the workset is useful, but not always necessary - but we'll give that a pass.  After that though - if you are working in your own model and you are told the family type name, then I'd bet that 95% of the time - you know by heart what the Family Name and the Category are already just being told the family type name - so Category and Family name being in the pop-up hover properties, while potentially useful, are not items i really wish or need to see on a regular basis and they add no value in my opinion.  But very often there are specific instance parameters that i'd love to be able to inspect without having to click on the element then scroll thru the list.  I wish very often for a customizable "Quick Properties" feature like Navisworks has so that i could set up a display for the properties i care about for the next 4-6 hours based on what i am working on that day.


This is a great idea. I could be more productive with this feature ( or something similar)... 

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