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Quarantine for deleted dimensions and annotations

Quarantine for deleted dimensions and annotations

It would be great if instead of dimensions and annotations being deleted whenever certain geometry has been updated or deleted, the annotations that would have been deleted could be retained in a different format that would allow the user to see where the dimensions are missing. This could be by moving the deleted dims onto a different workset or group etc that could be colored and controlled. This would increase the ability of the team to update those dimensions and avoid missing dimensions where there once was a fully annotated drawing

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Instead only present option to "delete annotation", Revit should include option to "reconcile" each item that was affected by model modification. This will reduce rework. It is very difficult to find were a dimension or annotation was deleted, even with ID number, because after deleting (only option) that information vanish! We need to have option to delay action, open our model, identify were is the affected dimension or text and, then, decide either delete or reconcile item.

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