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purge unused project/ shared parameters

purge unused project/ shared parameters

I would like to see the possibility to delete all unused project parameters from a project file. Like for instance if one isn't used in any schedules or formulas/ elements in the model. This would make the project much more organized. 




This has been a thing for us as well.  we are developing an add-on to do this and then some with the project and shared parameters.  We made one for adding shared to families based of of schedules we are using in a given project, but doing the reverse is our next step and hopefully this happens in Revit down the road.


Really useful, I spend a lot of time cleaning up models of unnecessary information, stripping down and purging families from various sources only to find that I cannot remove these parameters from the Revit project even though they no longer exist in the family.


Purge shared parameters
Rename shared parameters


In Revit there is no option to rename shared parameters. Only delete and recreate them from scratch. It is a pain and I really consider it a bug of Revit.
So to rename 10 shared parameters in family file i use third party soft to export all old shared parameters, clean the family file (delete all old parameters), clean the shared parameter file (in Revit Manage tab - Shared param), rename shared parameters in exported file (3rd party) and import them back via another third party soft.


Pain, but it works - by importing such a family into a new / clean Revit model it works well.
However by importing the family into the original Revit model - the new parameters end up mixed up with old shared parameters.
Strange thing, as prior to family import the old Revit model appeared clean. New Revit model with such family import is clean as well and is working well. The deleted "shared parameter mess" is just hiding in Revit model file tables without the possibility to purge it.

Can you please direct me to an easier way of renaming SP ?
Can you please include deeper purge/ wipe of shared parameters in future Revit releases?


Thank You

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