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Properties "Edit Type" in a New Ribbon

Properties "Edit Type" in a New Ribbon

Currently, modifying elements in requires to navigating to the Properties palette, clicking "Edit Type," and then adjusting parameters with numerous subcategories that result in multiple pop-up windows.


Suggestion: Upon selecting an element, a dedicated "Modify" panel should appear within the ribbon, displaying key editable parameters (e.g., length, width, height), materials, properties, graphics, (e.g., color, key appearances, hatch pattern). This panel should mirror the functionality of the "Edit Type" dialog with graphics settings, allowing direct editing without needing to open separate windows.


While there are a lot of improvements many people would like to see to the family environment and how it can be customized, having a new window pop up automatically isn't it. I think that would cause even further confusion about the difference between instance parameters, which are automatically visible upon selection, and type parameters, which need the "Edit Type" window to open.


I agree with @mhiserZFHXS. The whole point of having the type parameters behind the edit type dialogue is so that users do not change them unless absolutely necessary. 

If you want length, width, height and whatever else to be more easily editable then make them an instance parameter.


@mhiserZFHXSPerhaps not exactly like an automatic new window pop-up. They could, at the very least, consolidate them into a single window. 


Consolidate what? Type parameters and instance parameters? If that's the case, again, no. Those parameters need a very clear difference between them. I know too many users that STILL get themselves, and our work, into trouble because they don't understand the difference. This would make it even worse. Heck, I may even get tripped up if they were suddenly all in the same place.

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