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Project Specific Tabs for Interface

Project Specific Tabs for Interface

I've run into this far too often to not point out as a possible improvement.  But Revit needs to make it easier for me to Filter Views and cycle between views.


For example, let's say I'm working on a complicated family with multiple nested families in them.  Well every dang view is named Ref.Plane, Front, Left, Right, etc.  There is no distinction between them that would allow me to know which one I'm looking at.


Additionally, the Tiled View is not very helpful when you have a bunch of tabs open because again you can't filter what you want to look at.


It would far better if the  Project View Tabs were segregated by their specific file (i.e. Family 'A' then drops down into Ref.Plane, Front, etc) and then Family 'B' does the same.


Additionally, in the WT view allow me to filter which views I want to tile.  Maybe I want to look at Family 'B's Front view to do something in Family 'A's Ref.Plane kind of thing.


But the current structure is just clumsy, and hard to work with.


Yep. I don't care if its drop downs or layered tabs or what. We need some form of organization for views.


Same here @lee.imbimbo86EM4 . I was having to rename the ref views using the file name as a prefix to avoid this conundrum e.g. the ref view of a door handle would be "door handle front view" so I knew which tab related to which family.  Maybe add this idea to the following thread?

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