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Project or "shared" view templates

Project or "shared" view templates

We all start off a project with a fairly strong project template with our company requirements etc, but I find we adjust our view templates to suit the specific project as we go along. This workflow isn't bad in itself, but it is a bit frustrating when working on as many as 10 different buildings and project files spread across the same site which all form part of the same service (ME or AR etc).


I think it would be awesome to have "project view templates" where you can have the same set of view templates which work across a service for a project, and there is a central file, like a shared parameter, for all the projects view templates.


When editing view templates, it should save these to a central location preferably placed on the cloud so people on your project from across the world can access this.



Yes!!  Especially for MEP!!  We get 3 new projects per week from the architect.  From the architect's revit model, we have to set up 100+ identical plan views x 5 disciplines (because you cant copy plan views between projects).  THEN.....we have to create 100+ view templates to display the architects background correctly, THEN.....we cant copy the templates between projects so we have to redo that process 5x for each discipline.

We are a very typical MEP firm, our work is very repetitive.  Because of this workflow, most have decided that it is easier to use AutoCAD.   The project setup process in AutoCAD takes half a day at most.  For Revit it takes several days.  By the time we get the project views set up, it is being issued for construction.

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What we try to do is have a project Revit template set up to include all of these before we start modelling, but this evolves as the project does, so it is hard to apply the minor adjustments across the project models

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