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Project Browser Toolbar

Project Browser Toolbar

It would be nice to add a little toolbar to the Project Browser to collapse/uncollapse all items, by level, filter, etc. to have more power to control it on-the-go, and not only by Browser Organization. 


Also, if you press CTRL+F after clicking inside of  the Project Browser, a Search Window will pop up... no many people know this and it is super handy (I use it like 5-10 times per day). I've been sharing this tool with coworkers, they all love it and I believe you should make it more evident (and never, ever, get the rid of it). 


Project browser tool bar.JPG


Good idea....


Great. In the mean time, you can expand all with the Asterisk button on the number pad.

Collapsing all can be done by changing the project browser type from one to the other, then back again.


It's not great, but it works.


Right click-Search is not as obvious as your option. I'd like to see it at the top of the project browser, as you've shown.

Great advice. Thank you. Also with shift + right arrow or left arrow, you
can collapse or uncollapse a group. Still, the Project Browser can be
perfected for navigation performance.

Thank you


I have a parallel idea here:


I've made a visual brainstorm that included


- collapse/uncollapse all

- spotlight filter

- tabs for the main categories

- dropdown to quickly select browser organization template


In general, there's a lot of room for Project Browser improvements


Thank you!! This would be very helpful and necessary indeed ...and you have my vote. 


Brilliant CTRL+F function you mentioned! I didn't realise this actually existed. If only they had one for Shared Parameters (I have suggested it in another Idea)


Thanks for sharing


Hi @HUGO-MTZ@joe.verlaque and all,


The search function is hidden and well, of mediocre use (if your search term is found multiple times you have to go through the search results one by one).

That is why we created our own litte project browser, which in its first version is available in the app store:


It lets you display all results at once, making the search even easier and faster.


Please give it a try, with enough support I can make it even more awesome :).




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