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Project Browser - Reset opened Hierarchy & Ability to sort Per User

Project Browser - Reset opened Hierarchy & Ability to sort Per User

  1. The project browser should Reset itself when opening the project again after closing and not leave opened hierarchy of views sheets etc opened. that way don't need to collapse them every time we open the project and someone left a mess with million opened views.
  2. The project browser should be orgenized per USER and not per project, like the "Unload only for me" option of links. that way every user can defly the sorting that he wants.

Thanks 🙂


simple things, aren't so simple for them.. 


So many little things like that left behind. 


1: No

2: No


For point 1 - having to open the views I work with every time I open a project won't make me happy. I would rather have the view state saved per user.


For point 2 - all users having their own browser organisation leads to mis-understandings.

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