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Project Browser File Switching

Project Browser File Switching

I would like a pull-down on the project browser to allow you to select one of the open models. I find it a pain when I have multiple models open to find a tab for the model I want to navigate, then select that tab just to navigate to a new view. In most cases, I know exactly where I want to go but I don't have the ability to use the project browser to just go there.


I would recommend trying the pyRevit extension, which has an option to color-code your tabs based on project.


@PerryLackowski, the color tabs idea is different than this idea.  @robert.hale.wdc's idea is to have something in the project browser to be able to switch which project you're looking at.  In his idea, you would not have to switch to a different tab first, and then find the view/sheet/schedule you needed in the project browser, you would already be in the project browser.


This is separate from the color tabs idea and has it's own merits I can see.  I can see both ideas working together.  

Ahh, sorry I misunderstood! There are plenty of improvements I'd like to
see to the project browser UI. If we could have a dropdown at the top of
the project browser to switch between open projects, with a search bar just
below it, and some tabs for sheets/views/families/schedules/groups/all just
below that, I would be a happy man.

And while I'm fantasizing, I'd also like to be able to right click on
things in the model to filter them in the project browser. For example if I
need to make duplicate a family type and delete an old family, I need to
manually scroll through all the expanded sheets/views/schedules to find the
families section, then find the type category, then find the family name,
then find the type. Very time consuming.

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