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Printing/Publish based on sheet size

Printing/Publish based on sheet size

I apologize that I do not have a logical solution. In AutoCad you could do a page setup for each layout tab. In doing so you could specify that a sheet was 8x11, 11x17, 24x36, 30x42x 36x48 and so on. Then when you would publish or print it would automatically print the pdf or plot the correct size.


Revit seriously needs similar process. Where I work we use multiple sheets size. All the above listed are in 99% of our projects. Currently have multiple print setups save for each paper size and each size as color or black and white. However this means that we have to publish multiple times.


Ultimately the goal is that you could click publish hand select every sheet you have created in your project. Run and then each pdf would be correct size.


Whilst I agree that this should be a feature of the native program, there is an excellent add-in which will handle this and any of your other exporting needs if you let it: Xrev Transmit. It's very cheap and very very good.


Yep... publishing/sheet setup should take its cues from InDesign. Sheets should have a baked-in page size/margin setup, and should also fit neatly into sets/subsets (which would drive naming/numbering). In fact, ArchiCAD has had this for many, many, many years... and it works amazing. Your printing can then control what gets printed and where - so instead of browsing one giant clumsy list of every sheet, you get a treed view of your sets and subsets and can easily check what you want to print. 


"Sheets should have a baked-in page size/margin setup..."


I would slightly amend that to *Titlesheet families* should have a baked in page size/margin setup (and I'm not really that fussed about margin as you can manage that simply by where you draw your Titlesheet linework).

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Good comments. Sounds like you all agree something should be done. Please actually vote too.


I too would really value this feature. I have found printing a set of drawings to be labourious in Revit LT. When using AutoCAD a single click would print a whole set of drawings even if some draings had a different orientation or sheet size. (Or even a different physical printer).

On the whole my work process in Revit is MUCH faster than AutoCAD - This would be the icing on the cake

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Since printing is based on sheets, I think it would be time-saving, to connect sheet sizes to print dimensions.

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