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Print Preview: Multiple Sheets

Print Preview: Multiple Sheets

Currently the only way to print preview is if I choose "Current View".  But I want to be able to do so when printing "Sheets" too.  It should just show the sheets 1 at a time with arrows allowing us to change which sheet is displayed.


There are even buttons for it in the single view/sheet print preview!!


Print Preview.PNG

Clicking the Next/Prev Page obviously does nothing, but why even include it?! Maybe if the "Preview" button was available when you have multiple views checked, it might work...




"Note: Print Preview is not available if you are printing multiple sheets or views."

really ? Why ?


Usually, sheets are cluttered with sections, reference planes, alignment guides, and other visual elements that are helpful for annotation workflow - the issue is that they can be visually distracting (since they end up not being visible on the printed PDF) and tend to impede annotation efforts due to reduced clarity.


I would like the ability to toggle a 'Preview' mode while working on sheets in Revit. It would show the document as it will be printed and hide any non-printed elements (e.g., reference planes which are usually not printed). In this mode, I would like to be able to place dimensions, cut sections, and perform other annotative tasks.


This idea was inspired by a similar function in Adobe InDesign, "Switch between Normal View and Preview Mode" using the W shortcut that hides alignment guides, borders, and other non-printed elements. Similarly in Revit, I would expect to be able to toggle this feature with a keyboard hotkey or an icon along the bottom bar (e.g., a new icon next to "Reveal Hidden Elements"). 


You can already do this. Create working views and printing views with different view templates. Hide all of that stuff in the printing view template.

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