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Print/Export to PDF Issue

Print/Export to PDF Issue

I am looking for a better solution to export and print PDF from Revit. What my team and I have noticed is when using Print to PDF, hidden lines appear anywhere there are model objects (roof, walls, openings, etc.) on an angle. NOTE these hidden lines do not display themselves within Revit, but exist within the PDF created from Revit and will display in any 3rd party software (MiTek, Illustrator, Indesign, etc.) we bring the PDF's into. We have tried printing a PDF using CutePDF Writer, Doro PDF Writer, PDF-XChange, as well as Bluebeam PDF and the end result remains the same, hidden lines appear where there are modeled objects at an angle.

The rollout of Revit 2022, brought new opportunities with creating a PDF so we began testing the Export to PDF function. While this new function resolved the hidden line issue we were experiencing in Print to PDF, it brought about a new issue. When importing our PDF into 3rd party software we noticed the scale size of the font would no longer hold its value and become unlegible.  
Through our exploration of creating PDF's, we noticed one additional inconvenience which will have a large impact on our company when manufacturing offsite panel and truss components. When PDF's are created from Revit while the dimensions show correctly within Revit once the PDF is created, the dimensions within the PDF do not correspond to what is actually modeled. A dimension of 12'-0" will actually scale at 11'-11 3/4" when measuring within PDF creators as well as 3rd party softwares. The largest error of precision that has been documented has been a 1/4" off. NOTE there are dimensions within the PDF that will scale correctly, but there seems to be no reason as to how it determines which lines scale differently and may result in being off anywhere from a 1/16" to a 1/4". Main reason this is an inconvenience is because as stated earlier, our company manufactures offsite panel and truss components for projects and are referencing these PDF's with the 3rd party programs and while they display a dimension, that dimension may not always scale to that dimension. 

Print/Export to PDF Issue

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