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Preview Visibility Improvements

Preview Visibility Improvements

Arundhati Roy had the right idea - " The God of Small Things."  The Preview Visibility option is great for controlling the thumbnail when creating a family.  I have several suggestions to make it better.


  1. If this was a permanent setting instead of a temporary setting, those of us who use family processing tools (like the one available from CTC) would not have to return to each and every family to fix the view that creates the thumbnail.  Good content creators would be smart enough to pay attention so I cannot see any downside to making this change.
  2. When using the Preview Visibility for a face-based family, how about hiding the face?  It would save the step of using Temporary Hide Isolate.
  3. Similar to #2, could we also hide the room calculation point?  I am aware you would see it in the model but only if you select the element. The thumbnail would be improved and that also would avoid using Temporary Hide Isolate.
  4. Invisible Lines are also something one would not see in the model so those should disappear when using Preview Visibility also.

These are all small things but would greatly improve productivity.


Yes! Preview Visibility should default to the last used state, so you don't have to turn it on every time you load a family. - Please make this possible 🙂



Vote for this, plus can we please assign a keyboard shortcut. Visual style, crop region, temporary hide/isolate, etc. all have this option, why not preview visibility? 

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