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preserve dimension text edits when modifying witness lines

preserve dimension text edits when modifying witness lines

Retain dimension text edits when modifying dimension witness lines.


If we modify the witness line of a dimension string that has text overrides- suffix, prefix etc it shouldn't mean we lose the overrides. I am finding co-workers are using separate text for this purpose now as they are leery of losing their overrides.


On a similar note, add a right click to clear overrides on dimension strings.

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A warning might be appropriate with "Keep Text Override" as an option.  There will be occations where the suffix/ prefix is no longer applicable or accurate when the dimension changes.

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When you determine that you have dimensioned the wrong edge on one side of your dimension string, and then add overrides (including above, below, prefix, suffix), Revit will remove all those overrides when you change to the correct edge.  It would be really nice if it would ask if you want to keep overrides instead of assuming you want to throw them away.

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We often include text with the dimension string that relates to the object being dimensioned. It is extremely labor intensive to have to retype this text when the design changes. 

Today, having at least the option to keep text with the dimension when moving the witness line would have helped me  when I had to relocate a scupper on a roof plan. Because the order of the objects in plan was changing (the overflow scupper was moving from the right of the main scupper to the left of the main scupper, I was concerned that just moving the object would jumble up the dimension lines. So instead of moving the scupper, I copied it to the new correct location before deleting it. Then I moved my dimension witness lines. In AutoCAD I could have just selected the entire dimension string and moved it to the new location intact. But in Revit, I had to reselect each witness line and move it to the new location, and each dimension lost it's formatting, so then I also had to pull the dimensions out off the dimension lines to be legible again. When I moved the witness line for the dimension that ran from the corner of the building to the new overflow scupper location the text "to face of brick" was lost and I had to retype it.


This is one small example of the additional work required when dimensions change.


I had another project where all of my exterior masonry plan dimensions and notes were completely lost and had to be retyped. not a huge project, but there were two brick colors that needed to be dimensioned and called out as different. I still don't know exactly what happened, I think it was because we added some openings in the walls to accommodate HVAC ducts. 


Architecture is an iterative process. Locations of objects change not because a mistake was made but because this is the nature of the process. We don't design buildings from corner to corner: we design buildings from general to specific and things often shift around. It would be great if the main design tool that our industry is using could support this reality in an effective and intuitive manner.


retain dimension overrides when editing witness lines.

(remove "The dimension segment containing the override(s) shown below has been removed. The override text will no longer appear")


The dimension value changing seems to be the trigger for wiping the overrides. It would be great if something similar to CAD like using <> would display whatever the dimension measures while the other overrides remain unchanged. Being able to override the number measured with a different number would also be good, particularly in drafting view details with cut lines.


same idea: preserve dimension text edits 


@kylee.FelandAllow Numeric Values in "Replace with text" Within Dimensions  or workaround: use invisible character (such as ZWNJ)


Please! This is such a pain!


Why is it the ordinate dim deletes when moving a light with text prefix or suffix? Wouldn't it make sense to keep the dim/text even when moving the light etc.?

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(taken from a post from 2016) Still hasn't been fixed! 

Retain dimension text edits when modifying dimension witness lines.


  • It is really dumb that revised dimensions w/override text, that the text override is removed.
  • i.e. door dim. in a masonry wall, has (M.O.) below the dim. is removed if the door opening decreases or increases..!
  • This is architecture & engineering 101....! Please FIX this...! 
  • It's sad that Richards original post is from 2016....! & it's not FIXED yet....! come on Autodesk your better then that..! 
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Bumping this again. So simple to fix, and such an infuriating problem to have. 

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