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Please fix angular constraints

Please fix angular constraints

As the topic title says, angular constraints are ladden with bugs. Sometimes, the constraints work for reference lines/planes but not extrusions that are constrained by them. In this thread I will post some examples including steps to reproduce the issue of angular constraints not working properly.


Example 1: See attachment CurvedWindow_NotFunctional.rvt

In this example there are 3 instances of a family "CurvedWindow" which requires user input to determine the curvature of the void that cuts the wall. The input is done via an instance parameter "Radius Outer" which should match the radius of the host wall's outer edge for desired results.

To reproduce the bug, change the value of the "Radius Outer" parameter from 1000 to 3000 of the leftmost "CurvedWindow" instance which is hosted by the wall of radius 3000. Going inside the family editor, changing the said variable to the said value (3000) doesn't cause any issues and the circle radii flex/move as expected. However, larger values over 20000 or so cause issues even within the family editor.


Example 2: See attachment L-ShapedForm_NotFunctional.rvt

In this project I have placed a generic mass with an L-shaped extrusion where the angle between the parts as well as the thickness can be changed on an instance basis.

Changing the instance parameter "Angle" in the project to 160 degrees will cause the family to break. Going in the family editor, I can freely flex the parameter to 160 degrees and the extrusion is still properly formed inside the family editor. Interestingly, very large angles i.e. 300 degrees work properly in both the family editor and project.

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