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Plan Regions Template

Plan Regions Template

It would be a very usefull tool, to be able to add a "Local View Template" to a Plan Region. Very often you need that.

I know its possible to hide things, but when working with large project, where you split up same level over several sheets,  its a pain in.... to use hide, because you constant have to check all your view when adding a thing in your model, and hide things that belong in same level but on an other sheet.



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I'm in agreement. We deal with many buildings like warehouses that have office spaces, break rooms, or restrooms inside a main warehouse space. If I put receptacles on the walls in the enlarged plans for the office, they show up scrunched together in the overall plans of the warehouse. I can't disable them though because I still need to show receptacles for the warehouse on the overall plan. The only solution I have found is to use three yes/no instance based project parameters called "Appears on Enlarged Plans", "Appears on Plans", and "Appears on Site Plans", paired with a series of filters. Unfortunately I can't easily pair this with a view template, because then I'd need three view templates for lighting (enlarged/site/normal), three for power plans, etc, and if I need to change my templates for some reason, I would need to change all three, making the templates practically worthless. The only other solution is Hide in View, but then you have to hide them in every new view, and if you add something new, you have to repeat the process on every view...

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