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Placeholder Revisions

Placeholder Revisions

On larger projects there can be conflicts when multiple revisions are happening at the same time within the same model.  It would be nice to have the option of a revision being placeholder, where clouds can be made for the change, but does not get included into the projects main revision list, thus not show up in the titleblocks.  Once it becomes an official revision, it automatically places itself at the bottom of the revision list, making it show up in the titleblocks.  This will accommodate people needing to add clouds for work that takes a lot of time but does not effect other revisions that happen in between that time period on other sheets.  Without the right communication, the placeholder revision could get trapped above deliverables that were already submitted, thus effecting the deltas if the placeholder can no longer exist above.

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And when you place a real revision cloud on any sheet that contains these placeholders, all the placeholder clouds on the sheet would get converted to real clouds belonging to the same revision.

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