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place objects by coordinates

place objects by coordinates

We use a country coördinate system but can't place things by coordinates like in autocad.


We need to draw it with a workaround -> draw it in autocad -> place the dwg file as underlay -> place the **** thing in the good place.


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I like this suggestion, as it's something I have had to use AutoCAD to create a workaround with before.


we need a tool which is similar to the Project Base Point one, where you can unclip it and then positions on an object, then re clip and change the coordinates. this could be done by creating a new Revit file with the object in and then linking, but that's not practical in some cases.


Just had a thought as to whether Dynamo could be used to solve this? I'm not the greatest when it comes to Dynamo, but when I get chance I will have a play.

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Dynamo is a possibilty that came the last few months with a huge package of options.

( a good alternative for the autocad underlay )


But this function is more a thing for bim management.


How do you place a building when you get coordinates from a surveyor.


I would already be happy with the data available in the properties ( and change them when it must).



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You can link set the buildings coordinates by switching on the ProjectBase Point in Revit (VG> Site> Project BasePoint


Unclip the icon and drag to a know position e.g. grid or corner of building etc. and then enter the coordinates, elevation and north offset.


this can be done with individual linked models as well.





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That could work if it would be possible to actually enter all the nescesary digets:


by example:


x: 93799.4574

y: 194080.3324


And then there is still the nescesary multi diget rotation to get it going.




Y a t'il une possibilité d'intégrer à Revit la possibilité de placer un objet en rentrant les coordonnées xyz (comme autocad) sans de voir passer par des plugins payant ou des sripts dynamo???

D'autres programmes ont cette possibilité de base.



Merci bien. 😁


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