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Pipe Duct Rise/Drop Symbol Hidden Line

Pipe Duct Rise/Drop Symbol Hidden Line

The Drop symbol for both piping and ductwork is the same line type as the Rise symbol. When a duct/pipe is under another element, that duct/pipe has a hidden line type. However, the drop symbol does not change as a hidden line type. This issue has been brought up many times in the past and it gets ignored. I know that the rise/drop symbol is a detail type which creates a problem, but it there still is not a solution yet? In the attachment, every symbol that is clouded I need to go in and place a masked detail pipe symbol that has a hidden line type to meet standards. When we have hundreds of them to do it wastes us a lot of time. When we move a pipe, the masked detail symbol does not move with it so anytime we move some pipes, we have to go through all the views and move the detail symbols. On some projects, it can days to place masked detail symbols in. I have 2018 Revit, and the basic drafting standards are still ignored. Please fix this specific problem and save engineers time.

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