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Pipe Color Scheme On All View Types

Pipe Color Scheme On All View Types

Allow pipe color schemes to work on all views not just plan views.
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This idea has been created on the behalf of users from a French company.


Currently, the System color schemes feature is available only in plan views.

This limitation leads to inconsistencies between plan views and elevation views.

The only available workaround  for now is to use the filters in the visibility / graphic overrides in order obtain a coherence between the different views.

The problem is that filters are not as convenient to use as the System color schemes and can become really time consuming to use for relatively big projects.


The idea would be then to make this feature (System color schemes ) available in any view types and not only for plan views.


On a more general note, what’s expected is to make the required changes to the program in order obtain some sort of consistencies between features available depending on the view type.

Possibilities offered should be the same no matter what is the view type selected (elevation versus plan views).

There’s currently multiple actions that can be done in plan views and not in elevation / section views, such limitation should be removed.


The idea in the following message express a similar thought.


Also, you’ll find below a link to another message expressing the idea about  System color schemes


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The Duct and Pipe Legends are very useful for design but only work in plans. I would like to show them in 3D also.

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Today, I solve this with filters but that means I have to create a ton of filters for every system and every interval.


This would greatly facilitate the analysis of a hydraulic or aeraulic network, when it extends over several levels.


The 'System color Scheme' feature is great, but it has some color-printing pitfalls as I have described in another Ideas request;


The most recent pitfall brought to my attention has been the pickiness of the System Color Scheme (SCS) settings. The SCS only colors the duct or pipe associated to the system. As shown in the images below, it does not bring in the following features for coloring;

  • Air Terminals
  • Duct Accessories
  • Duct Insulation
  • Pipe Accessories
  • Pipe Insulation

system color scheme accessories duct.png


system color scheme accessories.png

 For each of the systems associated in the plans, we have to create a filter as shown below;at color filters.png

Of all my Filters, anything with a "C" at the beginning is just for color control of the elements listed above. this adds almost 50 filters between 3 disciplines. Having all of these filters adds weight to the model, and an unnecessary level of control for users that are already struggling to understand Revit. 



This seems like something that System Color Schemes should associate with the connected system and color appropriately.


Autodesk please save us time, file size, and user confusion!




Being able to apply a 3D color scheme would greatly facilitate the analysis of duct and pipe networks.

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I was wondering if it is possible to make the pipe/duct/color fill legend enabled in 3D. Some of our customers have stated that they would like to see this during VR walk-troughs/3D views and it would be a very near feature to have.

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Currently, users are unable to use a pipe color fill legend in anything other than a plan view. When detailing vertical piping, it is necessary to use colors to identify piping as you would in a plan view. The current work around is to use filters. Curious as to why this isn't possible and I am hoping it becomes an option in the neaCapture.PNGr future. 

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