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Pick to Edit for Main Model

Pick to Edit for Main Model

Allow the Pick to Edit function to set the active Design Option back to Main Model.


We have keyboard shortcuts for Pick to Edit and use it extensivly. However, if we use Pick to Edit and select a Main model element, it does not change the active Design Option back to Main Model



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This would be GREAT for workflow.

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I totally agree....  would be much easier.  Either a button, or make a real command to return to main model, thereby allowing a keyboard shortcut to be assigned!

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Yes, it would be optimal if we could use Pick to Edit AND have a Keyboard Shortcut to get to Main Model.


I was looking for a way to do this and stumbled upon this thread. The way I just found to do it while looking for a way to put in a hotkey involves a workaround, where I have a hotkey set to open the Design Option dialog box, and then use the alt F that the dialog box has built in, then alt c or esc for close. It's a little bit of a pain, but it does avoid the gaze-breaking that doing all that with the mouse would entail.

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