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Phasing on Topography is now annoying in 2023

Phasing on Topography is now annoying in 2023

When I create a graded region for the topography Revit demolishes the existing topo and create a new one. 

When I create a plan, elevation, or section of the building to show which items are being removed and which items are new the topography is also hatched either red for demolished or green for new.....


OF Course the entire site is not demolished. Its kind of difficult to remove the entire topography, even if we did; how for do you dig down to remove the property? :). 


Revit 2022 did not have this issue. It would not show the topo as demolished, but in this version it does. Can this  be fixed? 


I'll attach two examples: one shows the topo removed in red and one shows the new topo as green.

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