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Phasing of text

Phasing of text

We work on a lot of projects where we plan future phases of development. Rooms and room tags are easily phased, but standard text can not. 

An option to phase text would be fantastig


I believe that text should be on a Phase and Not View Specific.


Consider that you have designed the ultimate plan set with all of the bells and whistles. Now you desire to scale the project back to cut costs or for any other reasons. If you have a 100 or more views of the ultimate design this means that you now have to duplicate these views and the sheets they are on to obtain the scaled back design. Then you need to delete the text that no longer applies and hope that you get it all right. What do you do if you made a mistake or what it another way? The amount of effort required is inconceivable!


Then if you want an in-between design you will again have to duplicate all of the views and sheets again. This seems to be a very unreasonable way to achieve simple variations in the design.


Wouldn’t it be more efficient to just change the text that labels an item to the same phase of the item? It is true that you will need to change the Phase of the 100 views to the achieve the result. However, the Sheets these views are on could remain as they are and you wouldn’t end up with hundreds of duplicates.


I made the following statement:


I believe that text should be on a Phase and Not View Specific.


I would like to correct that statement to read as follows:


I believe that text should also be on a Phase and Not just View Specific.


I understand the value of text and annotation being view specific. If text and annotation were also on a Phase then the goal that I stated could be achieved.


I am attaching three images to exemplify the outcome that I wish could be accomplished with phase specific text. The images are from just one of several views of a whole house water filtration system.

Image 1 is Design 1 which is the All Out Design that contains a water meter. The meter is on a phase. The text is not on a phase as how Revit currently functions.

Image 2 is Design 2 which is the Scaled Back Design that eliminates the water meter by changing the view’s phase. However, the text not being on the same phase remains in the view.

If the text label for the meter was on the same phase as the meter then simply changing the view’s phase would quickly and precisely make the view show the desired design as in Image 3.

If Revit had phase specific text there would be no need for duplicate views and sheets to deal with various design options.Image 1.jpgImage 2.jpgImage 3.jpg


I am running into this on a project this morning.  I have set up equipment and piping for a project, but the scope has changed.  So now I am setting a good bit of the equipment to a future phase, but I have to manually hide each piece of text, which no one will likely see when we move to the future phase - but the equipment will show up once the phase is progressed.


if you have phases, you also should have view for each phase. why the need to have phase for text beside?


This request does not make sense. As @Yien_Chao said you should have views for each phase and if you have text it should only exist in that view.


You also state rooms and room tags are easily phased. Those 2 items currently cannot be phased, they only exist in the phase they are created, they do not pass through one phase to another.


Are you trying to say you want the ability to place text as some sort of modeled annotation that appears in all views of the same type for that phase?


I have made a Multi-catagory tag with shared parameters that does something similar to what you want (I think). The tag has three types - Existing, Demo, New. The shared parameters are added to the project and assigned to all model categories.


There are 6 shared parameters -

1- Existing Text (type)

2- Existing Text Additional (Instance) 

3- Demo Text (type)

4- Demo Text Additional (Instance) 

5- New Text (type)

6- New Text Additional (Instance) 


Now in the project I can tag any item with a multi-catagory tag and assign the text at a type level and additional text to any instance of that type. I just add different text to each phase as required. It doesn't have the controllability of a text box but it works ok in most situations and if I need to change any of the text it updates globally.


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