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Phase Graphic overrides by phase

Phase Graphic overrides by phase

Graphic overrides for phases are currently limited to overriding the current view's phase as "new" and all previous phases are grouped together as "existing" (demo and temporary are special). Occasionally there may be a desire to show multiple phases as existing and multiple as new. Perhaps you want to show several phases on the same view with different graphics. Perhaps you want to make a "DEMO" phase because it just makes more sense to you. Why not have the option to choose.


This idea involves keeping the traditional phase graphic override approach but adding two other options.


1) Allow phase filters to select "Override by Status" or "Override by Phase". The graphic overrides section would then show two different areas for applying these global overrides.

Override by Status is the same as it always was and contains the existing, demolished, new, and temporary overrides.

Override by Phase would allow specific overrides to be applied to elements based on their phase created parameter. As I see it, it would only show the finished version of the phase and thus, not show anything that has been demolished before the view’s phase. It might even be possible to add a “current phase demo” override for anything being demolished in that specific phase.

Each view will continue to use phase filters and phases with the difference being phase filters now have an additional override option. Views would still only show elements up to the current phase.


2) Allow the phase filter drop down on views to contain a “by view” selection and add a phase overrides tab to the visibility/graphics dialog. This would be useful if global overrides for phases don’t work for you. Maybe you want to use the “override by phase” option but two different views need to show different graphics.




- Allows for flexibility in view graphics

- Allows for an easier to understand (one-to-one) phasing set-up

- Will be easy to spot which elements were created on which phase

- Possible to have a phase overrides tab for linked models



- Could create more confusion about which one should be used

- Allows users to decide they want to use non-standard settings (could be a pro)

- Phase graphics can be different per view creating some confusion for people reading the documents


Side Note: This could potentially be avoided if Phase was an option to use in filters. That really would be the best option, but it would also create some difficulties when phase filters were set to override graphics. Why not just have all three and let us decide which ones to use.


Here are three different posts asking for a workaround or something similar to what I am submitting



I think the mock-up is great.


I would also suggest a "Visible" column for at least the "Per Phase" section.  It would be great to show or hide various phases and perhaps allow the elusive "future phase".


Thanks again for doing this.


Hi mdrotar,


I think your suggestion is a very good idea. Graphic overrides per phase filter would give more possibilities how to show your views in different ways. So you won't be tied up to just one set up for the graphics overrides.


Thanks for bringing up this issue.


I am wondering how to get the "Override by Status" or "Override by Phase" to appear, I only have "By Category", "Overridden", & "Not Displayed", were these overrides perhaps available in an older version or am I doing something wrong?



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