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Phase Filter names between linked models

Phase Filter names between linked models

Currently up to Revit 2021, Phase Filters must be named IDENTICALLY between all models linked in a project for the Phases & Phase Graphic Overrides to apply/override to elements. Can Autodesk make the Phase Filter Names a local item, and not a workshared item that pulls between models?


If the Phase Filter names do not match the linked models it negates all overrides done by that Phase Filter onto the conflicting Linked models. For example all of our In-House models wish to use more intuitive Phase Filter naming as opposed to the OOTB names. We like rename our Phase Filter Names to 'Demolition Plans', 'Existing Views', 'New Construction Plans'...etc. But when we work with outside consultants none of our Phase Filters apply to the consultant's model(s) because the names do not match.


Phase Filters are relative to the Phase of the applied view, not relying on the linked model(s) to share their Phase Filter Names, only their Phase Created/Phase Demolished.

Custom Phase Filter Names.jpg



In summary; the Phase Filter Names are over-constrained between linked models and it would be helpful for this excessive constraint to be removed.


I agree. This is a much needed change.


In the RVT Links tab of the V/G overrides or View template, I think that "By host View" is probably not the best way of wording what is actually happening. In reality, it is trying to assign the link files, phase filter, as per the host views, phase filter name. This seems nonsensical. If you have multiple models, from multiple contractors, with multiple different phase filter names, there is no way to fix the issue without editing each link to correct it. Which you would need to redo, every time those contractors update their model.


The phase filter, is only used to apply visibility settings, using the "Phasing" parameters, which identify when the  creation or demolition of modelled objects occur.


The linked files should already have modelled objects, with the correct creation and demolition "Phasing" parameters assigned to them.


The phases have already been mapped between projects, so our model already knows the relationship between the host and links phases, to know when the points in time are .


So surely the answer, is to stop trying to change the linked files phase filter. Instead, use phase filter in the current model, to display linked phases too? This should be done by using the links already assigned "Phasing" parameters, and the phase mapping, in tandem, to work out what is new, existing, and demolished


This is an absolute need!  I bet some people don't even know this is what is occurring and they are just dealing with it.

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