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PEX pipe design part type

PEX pipe design part type

If there already is a way to do this then I apologize and would love to know how. I would like to see a pipe type for pex. The closest thing I can find is just general flex pipe. The issue is I use the flex pipe system for line sets and it's also difficult to constrain. Pex seems to be becoming more widely used around our area and I would like to have an actual pipe type for it. I just use a custom rigid family I made that graphically represents PEX but it doesn't have the physical characteristics of it. Thank you for your consideration. 


similar Idea where I describe how a better flex pipe tool should work :

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Yes, I must admit I am a bit befuddled by the absence of PEX or even any pipe type that could be utilized for it besides the basic flex pipes, which as you explained are a nightmare to constrain to the desired location. 

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