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Performance improvement while creating Section Views on big models

Performance improvement while creating Section Views on big models

While working on big models it's common to have some performance reduction while drawing a Section line.

It would be useful to, first of all, the user draws the section line as a 2D simple line, without processing. After finishing the placement of the line, Revit will start processing the section view it.


In my case, I'm working right now on a model that the easiest way to create a section view is to duplicate another and move it to the desired place. Sometimes when I start drawing the section line Revit goes slow after the click on first selected point.


another workaround is to disable association between section and view template. Apply the view template manually after you create a section.


@Karol_Piroska thanks for your feedback.

It really works and improve the performance, but it's still slow on heavy models.


This would be huge - right now, on some larger projects, we have to close several worksets (including most of the linked background models for other disciplines), to create sections - if we do not, creating a section goes into a "generating graphics" loop that seems to restart every time the cursor is moved - 

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