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PDF Export - Open file at completion

PDF Export - Open file at completion

Add the option to open the PDF export on completion of creating. 


You can automatically open pdf files upon completion, if you're using CutePDFWriter of PDF24 (both free).

Open saved PDF with.png

For PDF24 you have to go in the software settings to check the option (it will not display the option in the printing dialog). 

"Microsoft to PDF" doesn't seem to have such option.


pdf export has some other problem
when export schedual that spread in multi sheets


@elzohry2007  Have you logged this as an issue?


Before R22, when we were exporting in PDF, the PDF file was opening automatically. Now, it doesn't and the file does not appear in the last file section of Windows so it's time consuming to open the file to verify it has we have to open the folder (often a long way into the server).


In addition to this, the PDF creation dialog box should have a button to Browse next to the file name.  Often I want to name a file with the same format as another file but with a different date, suffix, etc.  As it is now, I have to either open a separate Explorer window and copy/paste the file name format I want, or I have to name it something else and then go find it in Explorer and rename it.  Or perhaps a "save after file creation" option could accomplish a similar result.

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