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Parameters for a flip control in families

Parameters for a flip control in families

I think it would be great for Revit to allow us add Parameters for a flip control in Revit families. Thanks.


What parameters are you wanting? The only one I can think of that might be useful is a visibility parameter to hid the flip control. Even that seems a little useless though since you can still mirror the family to accomplish the same thing.




I assume the purpose is to be able to accurately and automatically schedule whether items such as doors are mirrored, which I would support. I don't think it'd be super straightforward, as there are issues that would have to be addressed. Like maybe make it so a family can't be mirrored using the mirror tool, and can only be done with this parameter.


Yes, this can be done with Dynamo, but it doesn't automatically update, which is almost always the downside to using a Dynamo script instead of having a built in Revit feature.


@mhiserZFHXS that makes a lot more sense. Essentially just having the ability to track the state using schedules.


And I agree that dynamo is great but having to remember to run the scripts can be very annoying.

It would be great if there was a checkbox when saving to have Revit run active dynamo scripts in the project.

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