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Parameter for Choosing Sweep's Profile

Parameter for Choosing Sweep's Profile

We need to improve how we can parameterize the sweeps we make by adding a "Profile Type" parameter.


I agree.  It would be helpful to have a family with a sweep whose path is always the same use profiles loaded in the project.  For example, in a downspout family I might have the default gutter as round.  There are many types of downspouts though, and a project might use more than one (square, giant box downspouts, ones with indents).  To make it work their either needs to be multiple visibility parameters in the family or the family has to be duplicated for each type.  Duplicating the family makes updating or refining other consistent elements common to the families more difficult.

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I like to share the following idea with you, you might have thought of this while working with sweeps and profile families.


It would be a huge time saving, building and maintaining our Revit Families if it becomes possible to associated a nested Profile Family (used in sweeps) to a Family Parameter. Giving you control over the chosen Profile directly from the Project. 


For this to become available the Profile Family should be able to set as a shared Family.


I am waiting for this functionality for years now. If this becomes available you no longer have to open the family to change the profile, causing you to create multiple *.rfa files which could have been solved with only one *.rfa file. If they also make the profile shared, you can simply load in the profile family direct in to the project and push it to your Family.


Hope you like my idea an vote it up to get the attention from Autodesk.


With kind regards,

Kelly Pelzer


Maybe I don't get it, but to my knowledge that functionality is already there? Create a profile. Put in some refplanes and dimension them. Add a parameters to those dimensions, like width and height. Load this profile family A into a new family B. Create a sweep. Select the profile you just created. Now create a couple of parameters in family B, like width and height. In family B, select the profile family A in the Family Browser and right click it. Select Type Properties from the popup menu. You'll see the parameters created in family A. Now click the tiny grey button to the right side of the properties window. A window Associate Family Parameter appears. Select the parameter you wish to associate. For example associate family A parameter width with family B parameter width. Done. Now you can flex the profile family A from within family B.


But maybe this is not what you mean...

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Hello Simon_Wheel,


Thanks for your response, I understand that it is possible to Associate the family parameters of a nested profile family to the main family. But i want to change the profile family for a different one (for example from a square to a circle profile) directly from the project without opening the family.


See the image below. Hope this makes things a bit clearer.

Associate Profile.png



And profiles with  COARSE/MED/FINE representations!


It would add the possibility of a family tie with a parameter profile parameter families


This would be an incredible boost to our workflow and family management!


To be able to control Profiles types with drop down list the same as other <Family Types> to control parametrically the sweep shapes.


It would be nice to swap out the jamb profile family with a Family Type parameter. As of right now, Profiles are not allows to have this function.



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The Idea is that for example in a Door Family you load Profiles for Jamb/Header to be used on a Sweep. It would be so much more efficient & effective to have the Profile manageable through a Family Parameter instead of only manageable by manually selecting the Sweep then in the properties swapping the loaded profile. 

Now if this could be connecting to a family/shared parameter (& or through the ellipse button [...]) & also allowing Profiles to be "Shared" (maybe associated to a category for better control).... that would be great.

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This would be very helpful for custom cabinetry to easy switch trim and routed profiles without having to create so many different families of profile combinations.

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In Revit 2019, can confirm this would save a ton of effort Autodesk 🙂

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It is so weird that you can't do this.


I am currently making some custom families for different edge details on countertops.. it would save so much time to choose the detail from a drop down in the primary family rather than having to edit each nested family..


Has anyone figured this out yet or have an alternate solution?  I am sure i could work it out in dynamo but it shouldn't be necessary..

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+1 for me

Please add this missing functionality Autodesk - this would make some families very powerful tools...



+1, plus another comment on this:


using linework to reproduce voids inside profile families, with a visibility parameter to consider what linework should the sweep use, doesn´t work as intended.


I´ll attach the feedback I sent to autodesk illustrating the problem:

What is the problem?
After making a profile family of, for example, a precast hollow slab, I assign a visibility parameter for the lines that represent the hollow form, so the same profile family with two types can make both forms: the solid with the empty holes that is made with the family type with all the lines visible, and the whole void with only the perimeter with the visibility checked.

The profile family reacts well with the type preview toggle, and when I load it on other family (face based) to create the precast solid using a solid sweep with the first type, it is done without problems. But when I make the void geometry with the second type, the lines that should not be visible because of the visibility parameter remains.

It´s a pitty, so you can´t make the void and the solid with the same parametric profile family, and this should be the correct behaviour.
Steps to reproduce the problem.
Create a profile family with some lines that use a visibility parameter. Create two tipes of that profile family. One with all the visibility on, and one with the geometry that represent the void off.

Load that family inside a new family face based. Make a void sweep to cut the floor family by default. When you select the profile type with without all lines visible, Revit doesn´t hide that lines and makes the void with all the lines in the profile family.
Hollow slabHollow slabVoid to cut the floor, parametrically based on the hollow slab, so a visibility parameter turns off the circles.Void to cut the floor, parametrically based on the hollow slab, so a visibility parameter turns off the circles.
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Yeah this is what I ended up having to do.. but it makes the file a little more chunky. This method works, but it would be way more convenient and quick to be able to choose a profile for a sweep from one drop down rather than drawing multiple sweeps and adding visibility parameters to each.. 


No, @Anonymous , this method does not work, at least to create voids. My message reproduced the complain message sent to autodesk, so they could fix the issue.

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@germanperales, sorry, I miss read your original comment. I had used a void extrusion with a visibility parameter to deal with some corner details. It worked only when I had one extrusion, as soon as I wanted multiple it would fail. I ended up having to use multiple nested families with visibility parameters and it just made the file way too big. 

Having these items work would really improve workflow.. it is a bit ridiculous that they don't.. given how powerful the program is. 


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