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Parameter for Choosing Sweep's Profile

Parameter for Choosing Sweep's Profile

We need to improve how we can parameterize the sweeps we make by adding a "Profile Type" parameter.


Could the Revit team consider creating it posible to create Instance Reveals?

Or use instance dimension parameters in reveals?


That would be a great idea. For example, we would use this for beams with different profiles like Hoesch elements for roofs.

You should be able to label sweep profiles with a parameter to change multiple sweep profiles at once without the need to edit the individual sweeps themselves. This should be similar to how nested families can be labeled with a parameter which allows you to change the specific family from a dropdown.

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Hi, @Intuos5 ,


Thank you for your well-written Idea! Here is a similar Idea that is a compilation of sorts. Do you mind if we merge yours with this one?


Parameter for Choosing Sweep's Profile - Autodesk Community




Not at all, please do so. I even forgot that I already voted for that idea in the past

Should have looked better. 😉


@Intuos5  Thank you! I have bumped the thread, also.


I would like to bump this up also!

As much as I work with families the only thing I can do at this time is to create duplicate sweeps and use visibility parameters to turn them on/off based on family type. I then load my sweep family into where I need it. 

Problem - larger file when you load a nested family instead of using a sweep

Problem - can't join nested family so materials blend like it could if it was a sweep

Work around - if sweeps with profiles are assigned to a type then the type can be swapped out when nested into another family - this means the duplicate sweeps are in the nested family


The fix would be being able to assign a profile family to a type or instance so it can be swapped out. This has been a problem for years. I found messages going back more than 8 years on this.




Currently, there is no direct option to assign a parameter to a profile used for sweep created with Revit Family:





The current possibility to use multiple profiles for sweeps within one family is to create multiple sweep instances and assign them visibility parameters.


The expected functionality would be to assign a parameter directly to the profile used for a specific sweep and to control the parameter from the project level, after loading the family into the project. This will prevent from overconsraining and growing family file size. 

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There are already multiple proposals on this, such as this one:


Perhaps the title should be changed to specifically reflect the Visibility graphics part of the idea, which I believe was also posted earlier on the ideas board.


It always can be done with sketch profiles.











I'm surprised this is still not possible. Any workaround on this other than create multiple nested families and play with visibility parameters?


Unfortunately this is still an issue.  The best workaround I've found is to used shared nested families that are assigned a family-type parameter within the parent family.  It means you have to have a separate shared family for each profile type, but it's a lot cleaner than messing with visibility settings if you have more than two profiles to swap out with.


Using shared families also allows you to edit/replace the shared family from within the project environment without having to open the parent family.


Shared families aren't the most ideal solution because it's not as dynamic as just being able to have a profile type parameter, and shared families also can bog down the performance of the project environment.  Not to mention having to decide what family "type" to use for the shared families and the fact that every nested family that could be used for the parent family has to have IDENTICAL assigned instance parameters or the family will break within the project environment - make sure you name the families well!


Anyway, this method is working for our firm until Autodesk decides to spend more time focusing on improving the current feature set rather than throwing in new half-baked features meant for niche industries (I'm looking at you "rebar modeling").


Thank you for your reply @AlexLibengood, I completely agree with your comment! Let's hope they will implement this for 2023 version.


That would be great


+1 from me. 

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Sorry in advance for my poor English, I'm not native. Hi! IDK if this idea could perhaps help someone. DOES NOT solve the issue of not having a parameter that allows you to change between different loaded profiles but at least allow you to change dimensions of one profile family that will be used inside another family for a sweep. Basically nested a family profile and use its parameters to modify the sweep.


I'm modeling some Concrete Beams families to use instead of wall foundations, just because in my country, for housings, these elements are made w/concrete in a pyramidal shape not rectangular as Revit force you to. So, this pyramidal shape change its dimensions depending on the structural usage and loading capacities. I solve this issue by:


1.- Created a profile w/parameters as needed (keep in mind that the shape of geometry remains by nature the same just the dimensions on the sides, angles or radius will change, you cannot change a rectangle for a circle or add sides e.g.; but the shape can be as complex as you need). 


2.- (In my case) Created a Structural Beam family and use a Sweep w/the profile to create the "solid"


3.- Created parameters inside this beam family that will correspond to the ones created inside the profile family (type or instance, whatever match your needs)


4.- On the Browser of the beam family go to your loaded profiles families and right click > Type properties


5.- Assign the profile parameters to the Beam family parameters that correspond with them


Now I'll be able to create several types of beams, similar in geometry obviously, inside this family, by modifying the profile parameters via Beam parameters, and the sweep will change as needed

I believe this could work to create sweeps w/ profile families that are similar in geometry decreasing the amount of families needed to model all your sweeps









I wanted to make a door family in which you could choose your casing by a profile parameter. 

It's sad to see that Autodesk once again fails to give its users a tool that they have been asking for over 6 years! (this is the 5th problem that I've stumbled upon in the last month or so).


Ten years ago Revit might have been the software of the future, but if they continue with this lack of development, I don't think anyone will be using it anymore in five years.

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