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Panel Schedule Circuit connected description

Panel Schedule Circuit connected description

It would be nice to have a column in a Panel Schedule which sums all connected devices per Circuit.

Each element we assign to the circuit has a parameter which describes the connected load.


For instance circuit 1 contains 10 elements.

8 of those are described as "Algemeen"

1 is described as "Vloerverwarmingsverdeler"

1 is described as "Infoscherm"


In the Panel Schedule I would like this to be shown in a column as: "Algemeen, Infoscherm, Vloerverwarmingsverdeler".

Even better would be: "Algemeen (8x), Infoscherm (1x), Vloerverwarmingsverdeler (1x)"


We now use custom tools to do this but it would be nice to see this implemented in Revit.

It could be made customizable that the user can select which parameter they would like to get summed.

Then this feature can be used in all Panel Schedules and maybe also in grouped schedules as a calculated parameter.


An example of this feature working already in Revit is the System Browser for the Load Classification Colum:


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