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Palette of most frequently used Components

Palette of most frequently used Components

I would love to see the ability to have palettes of most frequently used components directly accessible.


This would greatly streamline tasks, especially detailing. Rather than constantly clicking "annotate", "component",  "properties search", *start typing family name*... one would just be able to grab from either user defined favorite components or a number of user most frequently used components.


Extra points if there can be more than one palette that users can customize for specific tasks. Exterior detailing, model components, electrical, plumbing etc...


Ideally users could define how many components are visible in a palette based on what fits on their screen setup - 20-50 with or without thumbnails. Ability to organize as user sees fit.


You could just copy your favourite components to an empty file, make a view or two that shows them and their respective annotations properly and you can copy them over to your projects. If you use the WT functionality it will almost feel as though it were its own palette.


Michael, that's a great tip, though I would still like to see something more integrated rather than constant copy/paste every time I want to draw a new layer of gyp. That's easy enough with 'create similar' but it's always a bear when starting a new detail with nothing in the view yet so the container file would help on that end. Ideally the palette would reduce the number of clicks between drawing to the absolute minimum possible.

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