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P&ID Modeler Refresh Button

P&ID Modeler Refresh Button

Suggestion is a 'refresh' button for each menu inside P&ID Modeler. This button would update the following from the collaboration project when the design team performs the following actions:




Plant 3D Project Action P&ID Modeler Menu Refresh Button Action in P&ID Modeler
Add a new P&ID Drawing Home - 'Choose a to P&ID Model' Update the P&ID Drawing list
Tag a new process line 'Pipe Lines' - Choose a lline to model Update the Pipe Lines list
Change any P&ID object property Pipe Line Updates with the current P&ID object data; update the data consistency display


Having a refresh button would avoid closing P&ID Modeler and opening it again to get the updated data. Assuming the P&IDs are being designed in parallel with the Revit models, the need to refresh would come up several times a day.

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I would like to suggest a refresh button for P&ID Modeler.

Now, there is no smart possibility to show the changes/updates in the source Plant 3Dmodel (for example add a new line) because the plug-in 
cannot be refreshed , as there is no refresh button available to reload/refresh the source Plant 3D model into the Revit host.

This would avoid closing the P&ID and opening it again losing all the mapped data. 
The refreshing operation could come up several times a day because the P&ID is designed in parallel with the Revit model.

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