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Override all materials in a view

Override all materials in a view

I'd like to render out all of the objects as a single material sometimes to see how the shadows and lighting works.  This is possible in 3ds Max, it'd be great to have it in Revit. 


It would be a nifty feature to have.

In the meantime, have you tried the phasing technique? 

If you create a filter in the future to override everything, you can force a material over the whole model, similar to how existing phase material overrides everything. 


House Unimog - Clay Model Copper.pngHouse Unimog - Clay Model White.png



This is great but even better would be to be able to override any material with Filters that would allow us Design Options with Materials.

Status changed to: Accepted

Congrats! We think this is a great idea, so we've decided to add it to our roadmap. Thanks for the suggestion!


The Factory

Workaround option: Using Phase Filter material overrides




This would be so helpful for different types of visualisations.  Is this still an accepted idea? It seems its been a couple of years now since. @kimberly.fuhrman, I don't see it on the current Roadmap...  I thought it was there at one point.


Hi, @Joey_JM ,


I will check into the status and let you know if anything has changed. I agree it has been a while since it was accepted.

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